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The Cerrado Standard

As a founding member of the independently owned National TPA Consortium, the Cerrado Group, CrossPlans believes safeguarding your information is our top priority.

Our members are fully committed to protecting the interests of our Plan Sponsors and Service Partners. To achieve this, our group has developed the Cerrado Standard, a set of cybersecurity standards to help meet and exceed the expectations for retirement plans. This standard is exceeding any and all Department of Labor (DOL) and meets the highest levels of National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) guidance.

CrossPlans and all members of the Cerrado Group believe that a successful TPA doesn’t just do quality work and excel at communicating complex plan administrative topics but must have cybersecurity controls and practices in place to ensure that any data held on its systems is protected.

We hold our members to a higher standard when it comes to these security protocols.

  • As Cerrado Group Members, we remain committed to leading the industry in our commitment to Cybersecurity standards: We exceed the DOL Guidelines.

  • We are the industry’s leader of cybersecurity protocols and best practices.

  • We are intensely focused on the future of data security.

Learn more about our approach and commitment to our partners and plan sponsors.


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